Causeway End Road

Alzheimer’s disease affects a person’s ability to use memory and projection; the architects’ aim for this project was to create a home where residents would be able to see beyond their immediate situation and form a stable model of their environment.

This 76 bed home design in Lisburn allows residents to makes readable spaces and microenvironments that will encourage interaction with the familiar beyond to the built space and the enclosed cloister.

The courtyard scheme, on a steeply sloping restricted site, achieves this goal through enclosure and containment whilst allowing sunlight to perforate the central courtyard from early in the day to late in the evening. This gives residents the light and contrast necessary to create familiar environment and differentiate one space from another.

The scheme nestles into the Causeway End Road site context without disturbing neighbouring residential property views or sunlight. Planning approval was acquired in 2013. The building’s primary materials are pre-patinated zinc Donegal stone and curtain walling glazing.


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