Quality Policy

McGurk Chartered Architects aims to continually improve the quality of the products and services it provides to clients, and to supply these products and services efficiently and at a reasonable cost. The company is committed to consistently conforming to customers’ requirements in all respects.

To achieve this it is the policy of the company to establish and maintain a documented Integrated Services management system, which is an integral part of the company’s operations.

The quality system, which is to be applied to all work undertaken by the company, is based on the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 and controls by means of written procedures, all activities that are critical to the achievement of the specified quality. The company is committed to complying with the requirements laid down within the Integrated Services management system.

The company is committed to the continual review, assessment and improvement of the effectiveness of the management system through the systematic analysis of data and the subsequent setting of objectives and targets for improvement. Objectives and targets will be reviewed at regular intervals to ensure effective implementation.

The management shall communicate the effectiveness of the management system to all levels within the company.

Attainment of the standards embodied in the system requires the commitment and participation of all members of the company as well as suppliers and subcontractors. To this end all employees of the company as well its suppliers and subcontractors, will be committed to continual improvement and customer satisfaction.